In this new segment YoungOnes will be focusing on the more tasteful side of Drum & Bass and Jungle. For my first record of the week I’ve chosen a brand new track from none other than house producer Gnork, well actually from his jungle alias, DJ Shark. His new track, Cat Ears, features house influenced elements materialised in the rising swirls that give it a flavour you might hear in a lot of tracks at 120 BPM.

Throughout the tranquil track there are melancholic waves that have defined the Hungarian producer in his house tacks. These lend themselves to that dreamy airiness that make up the liquid feel to the song.

DJ Shark's play with the bass is the main focal point for me, it’s warm, bright and thumping. The percussive elements that dart over the top the track all work in every sense for capturing that old school beat we use to hear come out of the 90s. 

Check out the flip side for Gnork's edit of M-Beat's classic jungle track, Incredible. 


Words by Henry Mills