Glasgow’s own Soma Records provides us with Deepchords’s three track ’Atmospherica’. The aptly titled EP is compiled of three cuts from Deepchords upcoming full length. ‘Ultraviolet Music’. ‘Atmospheric’ was released on the 2nd of November and will be available on vinyl on the 13th.

The first track ‘Fargo’ features a muffled booming kick along with some atmospheric synths. Layered with the odd subtle vocal sample, this track sets the pace for the rest of the record.

‘CMOS Therapy’ has a real moody feel to it. Repetitive stabbed chords sit well over dubby delayed percussion, while constant atmospheric pads work well to piece the elements together.

‘Night Song’ is again a brilliantly titled atmospheric Dub Techno piece. Deepchord fuses a lot of elements in this track including synth stabs, pads and intricate percussion, while still retaining a sense of space and atmosphere.

What Deepchord has done so well with ‘Atmospherica’ is to create these moody, dark, undulating pieces while still retaining a sense movement and intricacy. You could hear these tracks in the basement room of your favorite venue, or on your bed.


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Words by Tobias Young