Legwork Records have been one of my favourite labels created in recent years; they've released music from Matrixxman, Brett Johnson and Convextion, not to mention using the label as an output for their own music. Behind the scenes it's the child of San Francisco heavyweight Lance DeSardi and his partner Leopold. 

Berlin based Kenneth Scott allows his A-side to take on an almost spacey, futuristic sound. It sounds somewhere between Detroit and Berlin, past and future. It's a rolling track that Scott exercises his synthesiser skills on. 

On the flip, the Legwork guys up the tempo a bit and lay down a basic 4/4 house beat. It's never going to be the most innovative of remix, yet I suspect that the track wouldn't fail to impress in a club at 3am...

The record is not actually out yet, but we will put up a purchasing link as soon as it is available to buy.


Words by Matthew Barnett