Get To Know: Woz


How did your love for music begin? Was your hometown Bristol an influencing factor?

Drum and Bass music was the first genre that I really connected with, I enjoyed music before then but I really got into Dnb in a way I hadn’t with any other music before. I instantly got hooked on all the surrounding culture too, raves, finding mixes, clubs, radio and Djing. Bristol definitely was a big factor as there was so much happening with Dnb in Bristol artist and rave wise.



What were the first records you heard that made you think, “I want to do that”?

The early dubstep days is when i started to think more about the production side of things rather than just DJing. I loved hearing everyones take on the new genre! it wasn’t until I heard early Redlight, Zinc & Toddla T bits that I actually felt I had something to give and needed to learn how to produce!



Could you explain how Black Butter Records has changed your career?

Hahaa.. I don’t know if I’d have a career if it wasn’t for Black Butter! They gave me a chance very early on and I’m so grateful for it!



What has been your most memorable gig so far?

Glasto 2013 BlackButter Shangri hell takeover for sure! The stage was the last one open at the whole festival on the Sunday, was an amazing crowd and a surreal moment that I didn’t expect!

Woz at the YoungOnes Launch Night @ Carbon, Oxford 14.03.14

Woz at the YoungOnes Launch Night @ Carbon, Oxford 14.03.14


How do you stay on track with what’s hot and what to play in upcoming sets?

I guess just being a really big fan of the music I play out. I'm just the same as I was when I first started listening to dance music. I’m always listening to rinse, mixes online then I hunt for the tunes when I hear them. I really lucky to be in a position where people send me a lot of sick stuff aswell!



Out of all the tracks you’ve produced, which one ‘never fails’ in the clubs?

I’ve been really happy with the club response on a recent tune I’ve made called ‘Cold’. Its coming out before the summer on BlackButter!


Are there any upcoming talents you tip to make it into the big leagues?

I'm a really big fan of Benton at the mo. Really loving all the latest music he’s been making, works so well in the clubs!



What can we look forward to in the near future from you?

I’m really enjoying writing darker experimental sounds at the mo so expect some bits on a darker tip this year. I’m also working on some collabs aswell. I want to make a lot more music this year so expect to hear a few new bits soon :)