One To Watch :: Walka

Walka has been producing music on and off for 4 years but has started releasing it this year. Since then he has releases on the majestic 'Fat! Records', Bridge The Gap Records, Casual Jam and MLP Music. Still this super producer is very much under the radar and it is a matter of time until he gets recognized and shifted up onto all new heights! Already he has a list nerve tingling tracks with smooth variety. The frightening part of it is he has just very recently bought his first set of decks! So much more is to come from this man...

When asked what is next for him he said, "I'm trying to get together 3 - 4 tracks so I can get a debut EP under my name". In 5 years time Walka would like to be, "Running a label as I spend hours searching for underground talent on SoundCloud anyway so I might as well put it to good use; there is so much good music out there right now!