What age did you start DJing?

Couple years ago, 18 or 19


What inspired you to get into this business and how did you achieve it?

Boredom, not wanted to finish my degree at Uni... and yea, guess you can say my love for it...


How did you learn to produce and DJ?

Sarah Palin taught me in a seminar


Has your hometown of Los Angeles been a major influence in getting you into the house music scene?

Wouldn’t say it’s been a massive influence on me, as majority of stuff i bang out is from across the pond. But I guess you can say decent weather could be a good mood setter


Which DJs have influenced your style of producing?

There’s lots, and the list seems to be expanding every day. But recently, I would say dude’s like Quell, Tigerskin, Christopher Rau, Kyle Hall.. to name a few ofcourse


What was your breakthrough moment so far?

Not sure if it’s happened yet. For some in the UK it would probably be the Sincerely 91 EP.

Where have you found the best audience so far?

Hard to say, but Germany is always a safe bet


Who would you most like to play b2b with?

My mother


What’s your best live moment so far in your career?

There’s be some really good ones lately. Chicago was really dope this past time around and Mexico City never disappoints.


What has been your favourite song you have released?


Really like my single on the last Dirt Crew EP, “Be There”

Can you tell us a bit about your label ‘Amadeus Records’?

I run it with two friends out of Montreal, one being rising artist/vocalist Forrest. We sign music we like and try to keep it in the family.


What does the future hold for ‘Amadeus Records’?

Trying to stay relevant I suppose haha


You have done a lot of work with fellow compatriot Steve Huerta. Can you tell us a bit about your connection with him?

I secretly despise the guy, but he makes decent music so I’ll put up with him in the mean time


Taking into account the rapid rise in popularity of house music over the course of this year, what do you think about the house scene currently?

Don’t think I'm in any position to comment on the entirety of the genre, but I'm sure everyone’s feelin relatively secure with their jobs at the moment.


What advice would you give up and coming producers?

Don’t be dumb


Are there any up and coming producers you tip to make it big time?

Evan Iff, Steve Huerta, Sage Caswell, Ben La Desh, Terrance Pearce, James Del Barco, Zoo Look, DFRNT


How do you rate 90s house music with todays?

Not sure, I wasn’t really around for the era... or at least not comprehending what was going on. But it feels as if house music is kinda kickin at the moment. Pretty good year to be a DJ I guess


What track would you play to rescue a dance floor?


DJ Assassin - A Face In The Crowd (Intellidred Mix)

Where do you dream of being in 5 years time?

Hopefully doing the same thing, maybe even ghost producing some pop stuff... who knows, like I said, it's a pretty good time to be a DJ/producer


What next for you?

Finishing off this North American tour with Tijuana on Saturday, and then back to the UK


Upcoming gigs


The Warehouse, Tijuana, Mexico



Teatro Principal, Barcelona, Spain



Lightbox, London, UK



East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK



Love and Death, Ireland, UK



Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany



Fez Club, Sheffield, UK



Plan B, Porto, Portugal



Plan B, Brixton, London, UK