Top Five Releases || March

Mudd & Pollard - N7 Odyssey [Claremont 56]

A stunning album from old ‘studio buddies’ Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy and Kevin Pollard.  Following on from previous collaborative 12” works this is their first collaborative album, a release they set out to make a decade ago that has been adjourned over the years due to Paul having “his hands full running the Claremont 56 and Leng labels, while Kevin carved out a successful career as a soundtrack composer for both film and television.”  Certainly worth the wait, N7 Odyssey is a dreamy voyage, track to track it will put a smile on your face.

The album is made up of re-mastered versions of Mudd & Pollard’s previous singles and a handful of unheard tracks.  The LP, recorded in North London, is “built around the duo’s own fine musicianship, with Pollard handling synths, keyboards and electric piano, and Murphy guitar, bass and percussion, the album’s ten tracks offer a musical journey through their shared love of shuffling grooves, sun-kissed soundscapes and gentle positivity.”

Released on the brilliant Claremont 56; for those that don't know, this is one of those independent labels that really shine in all departments, from the artwork and attention to detail, to the ethos, ‘releasing beautiful music’ - which is exactly what they do!

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Nebraska - Drill Deep [Razor-N-Tape Reserve]

Since we received this release in our inbox at the start of the month we have been looking forward to featuring it and playing it over and over again!  Delivering the goods yet again are Brooklyn based Razor-N-Tape via their Reserve sub-label with this 3-track EP from Nebraska

In only five years since it’s birth R-N-T has built up quite an alumni with releases coming from Dimitri From Paris, Late Nite Tuff Guy, Jimpster, Session Victim, Ron Basejam from Crazy P, and recently Ben Sims under his Ron Bacardi alias in which we premiered the lead track ‘Back For More’.

The three tracks on ‘Drill Deep’ all feature drums sampled and chopped from vinyl copies of reggae records paired with samples from 70s soul productions.  The title track is an upbeat affair that sets dance floors alight with its catchy vocals and bassline.  On the B-side you have two equally as luscious productions, both with the tempo toned down and a more laid-back mood which makes for a well rounded release and one you should get your mits on!

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Wilhelm - Mercurial [Oscilla Sound]

'Mercurial' is a track that needs hearing…  Following abstract modulation, a pulsing kick introduces the piece, with a cluster of synthesised belches and glitches following,  swirling left and right.  A baseline with intent then kicks in, one that wouldn’t sound out of place in a sweated dub jam.  The percussion then levels up, bringing tight snappy snares to the foreground while the synths jab, left and right.  The following phrases contain escalated precise chaos in as orderly a fashion chaos can be.  The offbeat electro groove is now infectious in its path, and the mercurial name sake becomes ever more clear.  The mind behind this magic is Wilhelm, Leeds based wizard and maker of well crafted movers that has the likes of Midland and Batu supporting.  The release is on 'The Doldrums' EP from Oscilla Sound and it is a release truly packed with sonic delights.  Enjoy!

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Davy Kehoe - Short Passing Game [Wah Wah Wino]

Not content with putting out what-I'm-fairly-sure will be my album of the year in January, the Wah Wah Wino crew slip out another exquisite release with little fanfare that confirms their place as one of the most exciting merry bands in Dublin (and anywhere else for that matter).

Short Passing Game is the debut album from Davy Kehoe.  'Storm Desmond' is the highlight on the LP, with a tantalizing harmonica melody unfolding over 10 blissed out minutes, underpinned by a bumping drum machine groove.  'Going Machine''s urgent drums and slow, heavy chords are another favourite, and even comes with Residents-esque cackles to soundtrack the ascent into madness.

Get to know the Wah Wah Wino crew!

Listen to the full EP

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Donald Dust - Dazzle Ship [No Bad Days]

Donald Dust’s ‘Dazzle Ship’ EP is the fourth offering from label, No Bad Days, started last year and run by Hollick and Gabreil Szatan, it seems to have found its niche.

This is a buoyant and fun offering from mystery man Donald Dust.  Synth lines guaranteed to fill dance floors, enough kick to keep you bopping with spacey chugger brilliance that hint of Todd Terje.  On point with the labels catch line ~Floaty yet punchy~ this one definitely hits the mark.  Jump on their spaceship… 

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Chosen by Ben C, Giles O, Matt J & Ed R