Leon Vynehall – Kiburu's [Running back]

There’s a lot of talk about Leon Lynehall at the moment and rightfully so after what has been quite a month for the Brightonian with his well received BBC essential mix releasing and ofcourse his new album ‘Rojus’! Rojus translates in Lithuanian ‘Paradise’ and ‘Kiburu’ certainly stays true to that with over eight minutes of blissful percussive sounds, aptly cut vocals and the ongoing tweet from birds of paradise. The samples of birds is a recurring theme in the album linked in with Leon’s ideology behind Rojus of – “ drawing similarities between these birds' attempts to captivate and impress the opposite sex with dance, and the way strangers try to attract one another in clubs and interact on the dance floor.  “

Released on Gerd Janson’s Running Back

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Ry X – Only [Infectious Music]

Taking a step away from the dancefloor into something more mellow is Ry X’s first single from his upcoming LP, ‘Dawn’ which drops on us May 6th via Infectious Music. ‘Only’ is a beautiful ballad combining heartfelt lyrics with haunting guitar riffs that lingers long in memory after first hearing. Since reaching us with ‘Berlin’ over two years ago, Ry Cummings’s contribution has swelled in recent time with two albums from his other projects: Howling with whom he collaborates with Frank Wiedemann of fabled House label Innervisions, and The Acid. His talent is undeniable and even more so are his impactful and dramatic melodies. It is his voice though that shines above all else; gentle and melancholic Ry X is a refreshing break amongst the chaos.

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As a duo, Jack Stevens and David Kennett (a.k.a SpectraSoul) have been ploughing their own musical furrow for years. Signed to Friction-owned Shogun Audio in 2012, they have grown accustomed to pushing the boundaries with the melody and style of their tracks, and this perhaps explains why they have decided to create a label of their own 'Ish Chat Music’.

'Only You EP' is the debut release on their label, and with this 4-track EP filled with experimental frequencies and pioneering melodies, they have started as they mean to go on. My personal favourite is ‘From The Jaws’, the first of the two B-side tracks. It has an quick, irrepressible tempo which misses out on being overly hectic only thanks to the hypnotic vocals that sit atop. Even when the lower, more surly bassline notes enter the fray, they are balanced out by sympathetic piano chords at the end of each sequence, creating an all-round performer of a track.

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Late night shit from Kowton. I heard this track at Bloc earlier this month and it got a great reception. This will be one for the after parties until the end of this year no doubt. Mixmag on the premiere too!

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In light of the recent excess and rebirth of disco music, I will offer a stark contrast this month. Something dense and brooding that reminds me why disco, despite it’s current resurge in popularity and unavoidable weekend club occupancies belongs to the past. Enter SCI+TEC, a label run by one of the most innovative and forward thinking producers and electronic performers in the world - Dubfire. SCI+TEC’s most recent EP produced by Paul Facio certainly hit the spot with the futuristic sounds and minimal rumble of ‘Fooled’ providing a sufficient enough antidote to an acute overdose of disco.

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