This one from JMII certainly hit the spot mid-way through a hypnotising set on the Percolate Stage from John Talbot at the magical Gottwood Festival in Whales a short while ago. Released via. Hivern Discs, a Spanish imprint growing in reputation and diversity, this track certainly embodies one of the distinctive styles the label is yielding currently. What drew us in with this particular record is how unique it is. While emulating a style of music that is rapidly being associated with the underground Barcelona house scene, it has a pulse that marches very distinctly to it’s own beat. JMII is also based in Barcelona and one half of Olde Gods. In ‘Thrills’ he brings together hollow pulsating bass stabs, 80’s game-arcade synth work, etched out vocals and oscillating string lines. Collectively through this he’s managed to create a harrowing, eccentric and addictive late night show stopper with this one.

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‘Structures and Solutions: 1996-2016’. Twenty years of Blueprint Records compilation, released June 7th.

This compilation is pure business with 16 hard, functional big room techno tracks from the greatest names in the game, including legendary Blueprint stalwarts and new guns from UK’s dubstep-á-la-techno scene: Blawan, Tessela and Randomer.

The mid-nineties was a turning point in UK techno with Birmingham based Downwards label pushing forward uncompromising, punishing industrial sounds from Surgeon, Regis and Female, which began stripping away the ‘groove’ associated with Detroit techno. Blueprint, founded in 1996 by Ruskin and Richard Polson, became a label which validated this turning point, yet has gone on to define and revolutionize UK techno.  

There’s no-nonsense industrial sounds from Blawan. Irish duo Lakker feature twice with recognizable dark atmospheric bleeps and breaks. Planetary Assault System offers the high-tempo peak time roller with a hypnotizing druggy sample over layers of pounding percussion. Cult UK techno figure, Karl O’Connor brings rhythmic disarray under his Regis alias for the first time on the label, having been a Blueprint regular in O/V/R with James Ruskin. The label’s latest signing, Rommek delivers other-wordly loops layered over progressive rolling kick-drums. 

YoungOnes favorite Tracks: Truss’ brutal, jarring ‘Wonastow’, and Fear Ratio’s subtler yet equally as gritty, ‘Lonor’. With it’s soft breaks, ‘Lonor’ could easily be slipped into a monstrous 4-hour Berghain set to relieve a frenzied dance floor from burning out! 


Read up on FACT’s interview with Label boss James Ruskin here, and Ransom Note’s detailed review here

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A1 O/v/r - Metal Slipper
A2 Lakker - Chain Of Combs
B1 James Ruskin & Dvs1 - Page 1
B2 Makaton - Slur
C1 Planetary Assault Systems - Pull
C2 Steve Bicknell - Disguise Of Beings
D1 Regis - Party Spoiler Too
D2 Randomer - Sheen
E1 Truss - Wonastow
E2 Rumah & Progression - Speak & Spell
F1 James Ruskin - 6Teenth
F2 Tessela - Rub
G1 Rommek - Off The Radar
G2 Blawan - Passer By
H1 Oliver Ho - The Serpent Devours Itself
H2 The Fear Ratio - Loner
H3 Lakker - Orange

From left to right

Portishead - SOS

Portishead are back with their take on the ABBA classic SOS. The haunting cover was reimagined to featured in the ‘Film High Rise’, and we’re thankful for it. The cover is stripped down with simple rhythms and techie production, leaving bear Beth Gibbons vocals, giving the original lyrics a poignant rebirth. SOS is yet to be released although Portishead have released a video for the track including a tribute to the late Labour MP Jo Cox. Have listen back to the original ABBA track to see how much Portishead have turned it on its head.

Fango - Rectum [Degustibus Records]

Italy - fast cars, beautiful women, great food, greasy hair, an inherently feisty nature and techno. Italy boasts a thriving techno scene that has produced legends such as Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati and Dj Tennis over the years. However it’s an artist that goes by the name of Fango that can consider himself the man this month. His home is the lesser known label, Degustibus Music having had all his previous releases on degustibus apart from a remix with tale of us. it’s safe to say he’s a nutter, Listen to his music; it's the most amazing blend of heavy bass, every drum sound you could ever imagine and the occasional track that features long-winded pauses, followed by scintillating drops. Take Rectum for example, around 3 minutes in: silence, a few screeches and then bass that would blow your eyes off. Rah and fair play Fango, you've done yourself and your county proud with this belter.

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Daco – Castillo Ep [paper recordings]

After the roaring success ‘Mushy’ Daco has delivered another weapon to Paper Recordings in the form of his new EP ‘Castillo’. 

Each track in Castillo appropriates a different time of day, all giving something different to offer in terms of mood, groove and rhythm. Starting with the chugging guitar riff of ‘A Little More Volume’, this track is designed for anytime past midnight, preferably played underground or any other place that doesn’t see the light of day. Daco then takes you upstairs into the light with ‘Skirting’ giving a bouncy cosmic synth. With Skirting leaning towards the cosmic and psychedelic cliff, the finishing track ‘Saving Grace’ falls off the edge. A progressive cosmic disco track to garnish the EP. 

Its what you want from an EP, the range of music provided gives you a wider range of sounds that means you get better value for money.  Grab this mind melter whilst you can. 

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Words by Chris, Fred,  Tobias, Nick C, Jack