IT HAS BEEN THREE YEARS SINCE THE LAST RELEASE ON Plangent Records AND THIS IS THE FIRST-EVER VARIOUS ARTISTS COMPILATION to come from Lorenz 'recondite' brunner's label. PREVIOUSLY an imprint only to release his own recondite  productions Brunner has gathered "LONG TIME FRIENDS, LIKEMINDED MUSICIANS AND NEW TALENT," to feature on this 10 track COMPILATION.

Dj Tennis opens up the compilation with a delicate, deeply emotive piece of music that is our pick of the bunch.

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Blaze - lovelee dae (bicep remix) [Feel my bicep]

House music lovers are known to come running when there’s a new Bicep release out, and for good reason! the musical brainchild of Belfast-raised duo Andy Ferguson and Matt McBriar, Bicep have unleashed some of the seminal productions on the scene over the last 5 years, with tracks like “Darwin”, “Stripper” and “Vision of Love” captivating audiences and showcasing their talent across the globe. This latest release by them, a remix of Blaze’s “Lovelee Dae” on their own label “Feel My Bicep”, is no exception. The track is vintage Bicep; a chugging, muscular house tune, with an authoritative bassline, oscillating drum and clap layers, and a well-suited vocal. The juxtaposition between the song’s lyrics “Lovelee Dae, and the sun is shining” and the muscularity of the composition create a track that is both dark and uplifting. A powerful remix – enjoy.

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DJ Python - Estereo Bomba! Vol 1 [Proibito records]

DJ Python comes through with a 12" of what he/she calls "deep reggaeton" for Anthony Naples's Proibito label. Rest be assured, it's an accurate description, with the classic reggaeton groove (albeit at 120bpm) and long, psychedelic synths and percussion. B2 is the real dancefloor wormhole here, broken and trippy as anything you'll hear all year.

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Marc Houle - Silver Siding EP [Innervisions]

Canadian Marc Houle becomes the latest act to sign to Dixon and Âme’s Innervisions label with a superb four-part EP, Silver Siding, released on July 29th. Among the tracks, 'I Don’t Want To Watch You Read' arguably stands out most. As with so many of the Berlin-based label’s songs, fans across clubs, festivals, and the Internet have been left searching for nothing but the inevitable “Innervisions - Unreleased” answer. Finally, the wait is now over. Keep your eyes peeled for releases in the near feature – word is, the bosses are busy...

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Various Artists - Aus 100 [AUS MUSIC]

Yet another hot compilation to wrap your ears around... Marking AUS Music's 100th release in its tenth year, label head Will Saul, has brought in a diverse and talented group of artists to all feature in this special release, in fact 90% of all artists to ever release on aus are back fro this. DJ T, Bicep, Deetron, Nick Hoppner, Pearson Sound, and Huxley are some of the names. AUS is without a doubt one of our favourite UK labels, constantly pushing the boundaries with forwarding thinking electronic music, recently Saul said, "I try to work with artists that are all unique and have their own individual aesthetic so that the label never gets too heavily associated with one sound but hopefully gets associated with regularly releasing good records."

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Words by Ben C, Nick D, Matt J & Hugo