Benedikt Frey - out of here remixes [Hivern Discs]

Roman Flügel has really caught my ear over the last couple of months. Having seen him twice in a short space of time yet hearing two completely different, completely astounding sets, I think it is safe to say that he has been a summer highlight. This continues with his production. Hivern Discs picked up Benedikt Frey’s ‘Out Of Here’ record and have reimagined two excellently crafted tracks. Flügel with the A-Side has created a rolling cosmic number that drifts in and out of consciousness. The robotic vocals, ‘we got to get out of here’, really sets the scene especially when put against the high tempo, but sluggishly forward moving bassline. Simon Haydo’s version goes further still. More unfriendly and more unwelcoming, this track makes your spine chill. Ruthless, modern techno laden with soft grooves make for a rather pleasing track that contradictorily might frighten you. Nevertheless, this release is another Hivern Discs staple for those willing to take the crowd into dangerous territory.

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Enrico Sangiuliano - Moon Rocks [Drumcode]

Enrico Sangiuliano is a name techno lovers around the globe have been getting rather familiar with over the past couple of years, especially in the last year having had three number one’s in the Beatport Techno chart. The Italian has most recently hit the top spot with his lead track from this bumper four track EP entitled ‘Moon Rocks,’ released on Drumcode. Unsurprising to any Drumcode listener, this release is heavy and full of bass line. However, what sets it apart from other Drumcode releases is Sangiuliano’s all-encompassing approach featuring ‘brooding crescendos and delicate harmonies’ whilst in-keeping with the weighty Drumcode way. 

Having previously featured an original in two Drumcode compilations this year and last, Sangiuliano has now firmly cemented his spot in the Drumcode realm with this impressive release. This is his first EP on Drumcode but be sure it won’t be the last!

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Will Long / DJ Sprinkles - Purple/Blue EP [Comatonse Recordings]

Terre Thaemlitz, aka deep house persona DJ Sprinkles, isn’t one to mince around with appealing to the masses. The latest release from Thaemlitz’s Tokyo based Comatonse Recordings sees the label debut of Will Long (aka Celer) with his EP ‘Purple/Blue,’ and it’s described almost as a challenge to the empty and repetitive trends of deep house music. Forgetting the politics, it begins a series of three vinyl sets entitled ‘Long Trax,’ with two extended minimal productions from the usually experimental Long, accompanied by two soulful overdubs at the hands of Sprinkles.  The simplicity of synth chords, percussion and sampled vocals in A1 ‘Time Has Come’ are welcoming, however Sprinkles’ overdub of ‘Chumps’ on the reverse is the standout track of the release. Fluttering strings and wobbly effects make it feel as if your head’s been punted into space; altogether producing an ambient record as fit for the dancefloor as any ever heard. We’re waiting eagerly for the second offering come September 8th

Listen to the full release over at Phonica.

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Ishmael - Wolfep036 [Wolf Music]

My pick this week comes from Bristol based, multi instrumentalist, Ishmael. Having released his debut LP, “Sometime In Space” earlier this year, he has been touring his live AV show to great responses around Europe. Having been lucky enough to attend the launch show I had a brief chat with him after and it was clear this man has got a bright future ahead.  

WOLFEP036, his latest 12” release, follows in his usual atmospheric style. “Mercy, Mercy, Me” is deep and soulful. “Doldrums” hypnotic and full of depth. “Matilde” elegant in the piano department, smooth vocals fluttering around. SoulPhiction delivers the last offering on the EP, his own take on “Doldrums”, a percussive lead affair. 

This is a solid release from Ishmael and adds his already very successful year. 

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"Cape Coast" is a tribal affair from one of my favourite producers &ME. It’s a progressive journey that builds into nice bass tones and shifting bongo drums. Very smooth, very summer, very &ME. 

Taken from "One On One" a four track EP featuring vocals from Fink. Released on Keinemusik on 26th august.

Listen to the full release.

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Words by Ben S, Ben C, Marcus, Ed R & Chris