One To Watch :: Timmy P

Timmy P has been producing music for 3 years and has had releases on labels such as Dirt Crew Recordings and Local Talk. He assembles thumping basslines with groovy vocals and tends to add in that smooth oldskool sound to create an array of dance floor classics.

We got in touch with the talented Oxford based producer and discussed whats coming next for him in the near future and he said, "I have a couple of tracks coming out with my good friend Stefano Esposito, one on Development:Music which is deep, and the next on Newington Records which is really dancefloor. Can't wait to show people as we have had to keep it under wraps! I have a remix coming soon for my good friends at Four Fingers Hand, then bar that lots of new music really but nothing I can really talk about yet!"

Be sure to check out his latest EP on Extended Play, 'All Night Long' and also his most recent release, 'Trapped' which has recieved support from the likes of MK!

He said, "In five years time I'd love to be travelling to places I've never been, playing the music I love, I guess!". There is no doubt in our minds that he will fulfil that goal. In the meantime catch Timmy P playing at the De:Bug nights where he has just picked up a residency!