Get To Know: Tensnake


Congratulations on the release of your hugely successful debut album ‘Glow’ in March earlier this year, very enjoyable from start to finish. The album certainly was a revelation for many Tensnake fans with it being heavily pop and disco orientated, can you take us through your ideology with the album and why it didn’t have more signature Tensnake ‘club records’?

Thanks a lot! It’s been quite a ride, this year. I would agree that my album 'Glow' was much more of a home listening experience. However, in Ibiza for example or at festivals, you will hear me play stuff like the Duke Dumont remix of Love Sublime and or maybe even a totally fresh and unreleased remix of ‘Pressure’ done by one of my favourite UK DJ/producers at the moment, Paul Woolford AKA Special Request.



Can we expect your future productions to have the same sort of feel?

I think my future productions will have more of a club focus but honestly, the most important is, that I am happy with the track when it goes out there.  I think I know when I have made a good track, but whether a single does well does have a lot to do with radio and in the UK Radio One in particular. I get a lot of support from Pete, Zane and Annie Mac, which is great but until it’s out, you never know how well a track will do out there.

How did the partnership form between you and the legendary Nile Rodgers from Chic and how was he to work with?

I've said before, but it's totally true: I couldn't believe how grounded he was! When I sent him a message on Facebook, I didn't really expect a reply, but he replied himself twenty minutes later and said he knew my music, that he'd heard "Coma Cat." This was all before "Get Lucky" came out. I sent him the music [for Glow] and he called me and said, "Would you mind if I was just your session musician on this track," which really was amazing!" So he played guitar on 'Love Sublime' and also 'Good Enough To Keep.


How do you feel about the fact we are seeing less and less vinyl being used in the clubs? Where does its future lie?

Vinyl fans are still there of course but its not for the mainstream now, that switch happened a long time ago. I think the house music revival is here to stay for quite some time, to be honest. People like Breach, Huxley, Midland, and many more, their journeys (by DJ) have only just started!



You’ve already accomplished a lot in your career - is there anything left on your musical bucket list that you still want to accomplish?

I'd still like to produce a track with Prince!



House music as a genre today is so broad, are you happy with how the genre is evolving?

I am super-happy as I was always into house music. When my first Resident Advisor mix came out, it made a lot of people remember how good house music was – especially in the US, where EDM kids are suddenly into every form of house. So yes, I am a full supporter of how it's evolving!

Gig wise, any particular out of the ordinary standout moments you'd like to share?

This summer, I would say Pacha's Insane party with Fiora singing 'Love Sublime' live last month as well as FORR festival in Croatia: Pacha because it's Pacha, because Dennis Ferrer is my buddy and our sets really complement each other and because MK, although more pop, is more popular than ever! And FORR, meanwhile, is an intimate festival with an eclectic line-up and the most beautiful setting you could ever imagine.