One TO wATCH :: S. Jay


Jaw dropping, fist pumping, head banging, this is the man behind countless dancefloor bombs! S. Jay is a serious producer to watch over 2014 taking into account the startling basslines this man has been producing. He carefully constructs percussion with vocals resulting in consistent slick bumping house classics!

S. Jay (Sam) has been producing for 5 years "on and off", but this year he has really been pushing himself to get his music heard. The producer uses Albeton to make his music; "I started making bassline and then moved around genres like electro and bass and stuff like that and then realised that its best just to do your own thing and not really go by genres, so that's what I'm making now,' he said. So far Sam has had releases on labels such as Domino Effect, Love Not Money, Simma Black, Keep It Zen, NU Panda, and Raw Underground Records. His most popular release to date being on Love Not Money, the EP titled 'Lucky'.

Sam is co-owner with DJ/producer mate, 'Ostertag', of the equally exciting up and coming record label 'Domino Effect Records'! These guys together have been releasing a long list of killer productions that have been widely received on the underground scene. 

We spoke with S. Jay and when asked where he would like to be in 5 years time he said, "Hmmm that's a toughy as I take every day as it comes and I'm humbled by the response my music is getting at the minute. Doesn't quite seem real. I think there's a few goals I keep adding to my list every time I cross a previous one off :). I wouldn't mind having a few more vinyl releases under my belt, maybe play somewhere in Ibiza and a festival, collaborate with some of my favourite artists and release on some labels that I have respect for :). Seriously don't like counting my eggs before they have hatched, I just love making music and playing it to people who want to hear it. In regards to my label I wouldn't mind Domino Effect to be seen as a strong, recognised label that respected artists have respect for and I think Ostertag and I are moving in the right direction, but like I say I don't count my eggs before they hatched haha!"

In terms of releases to look out for in the near future we have an EP with Deep8 Recordings, a remix for Hestons label Funk Pony, and an EP collaboration with Ostertag on our own label, Domino Effect (the latter being released in January). In the pipelines too are collaborations with Dene Anthony and a YoungOnes favourite A Lister (check our interview with him on 'Get To Know'). Also to look out for too are Domino Effect's label parties with the first being on Boxing Day at Insomnifest, Beaverworks, Leeds. With his first overseas booking for 2014 in the bag and the continuous, skillfully crafted recordings pouring out we strongly believe that 2014 will be a breakthrough year for him and certainly that S. Jay is one to watch out for!

"Here we have 4 tracks that have really stood out for me this year that get a lot of plays in my sets":