Get To Know: Redlight


How did your love for music begin? Was your hometown Bristol an influencing factor?

Yeah I think so, you can get inspiration anywhere if you’re looking for it... But yeah growing up in the Southwest definitely helped me.



What were the first records you heard that made you think, “I want to do that”?

I don’t know, it wasn’t really like that for me. I just knew I wanted to be around music as much as possible because it’s what caught my attention more than anything else.



How did you learn to produce and DJ?

I sold dreams to rain people and they gave me my first sampler in return. I then bought 1000 hamsters, fed them crystal meth and put them to work on hamster wheels to generate electricity to run the sampler and an Atari ST.



How did the name ‘Redlight’ come about?

I was asleep one day and God told me to change my name to Redlight and secretly tell stories from the Bible in my music...



2008 saw you shift from producing Drum and Bass. A year later you set up your own record label, 'Lobster Boy Records'. What was your thinking behind these big moves?

I wanted to do something new. I started Lobster Boy to release music that at that point no one else would have released. It’s that simple really.



What do you look for when signing a production onto ‘Lobster Boy’?

I look for something that’s original, but can still bump in the club. We’ve got some great releases coming this year, from New York Transit Authority, Mak & Pasteman, me under Animal Youth and Last Japan. Really excited.


You only release on vinyl on your record label, what do you think about the way things are going seeing less and less vinyl in the clubs?

We mainly only release on vinyl, but if a artists wants to do digital then we will, i honestly prefer vinyl only as its more of a special product.. And anyone who’s gonna buy it, is gonna have something not many other peeps will have unless they’re serious about their beats... I don't feel vinyl is going anywhere. It’s just another format to listen to music on...



What does the future hold for your record label?

Throw some parties, put out some good music, make a Lobster Boy porn movie.



Your raw heavy hitting sound is unique to say the least. Your latest tracks, ‘Get Money’ and ‘36’ are quite different to your original sound. Would you say you might be going through another experimental period with your productions at the moment?

Yeah 100%. I always wanna keep moving forward and trying new things, that’s what interests me about music...

But with the 36 EP it was definitely about testing new things, kind of like an album sampler

Take us through an average week for yourself?

Monday to Friday mainly studio work, production, writing sessions, mixing tracks down, then average weekend constantly on the road. Last week for example I had studio sessions all week, then flew to Russia, then to Milan, Lyon, Paris, Holland and I’m now on a train to Brussels :-)



Your highly rated live performances are more of an experience with that bass driven sound that gets everyone jumping about, with the addition of Dread MC up on stage intensifying your music. What do you take aim at in your performances?

Thanks...I dunno really. I just love so many different types of music from U.S Hip Hop to Dutch Techno, I need to be able to fit it all into a 1h 30min set and keep the energy right so people don’t get bored. That’s where Dread comes in, he really helps galvanise it all together especially at the bigger parties and festivals.. He’s a great guy to have on the road and is an important part of what I do live.

Redlight & Dread MC

Redlight & Dread MC

You have performed all over the world; has there been a stand out memorable country you performed in for any reason and why?

My memory is so bad. But last year I’d say it was Parklife in Manchester. It was a seriously good way to start the summer festivals and also Hideout boat party when some dolphins came to party with us. Then Redlight live at XOYO, London was also amazing. To be fair 8/10 gigs we do are so much fun, I'm truly blessed to be able to do what I do

Are those notorious Digital Sound Boy Notting Hill Carnivals up there with the best?

100%. I’ve been really lucky to be involved in them. A good friend of mine does the rig there too so it really feels like an extended family vibe down there. To be honest I live for parties like that and my sound really translates well there. I grew up trying to get squeezes on sets at St Paul’s Carnival for years so Carnival is defo a special time for me..

Redlight with Shy FX (Digital Sound Boy founder) and Toddla T

Redlight with Shy FX (Digital Sound Boy founder) and Toddla T

Which DJs have influenced your style of producing and which 5 DJs do you listen currently to the most?

Die & Krust, Jackmaster, EZ, Kid Capri, Laurent Garnier, Ellis Dee and Skream have been great influences over the years.



Which 10 artists would you choose to perform at a Redlight festival?

Oh wow...

Disclosure live. (I’m on tour with them at the moment and it’s just a great electronic live show done really well.)

Swamp 81 take over.. (Loefah, Mickey Pearce, Paleman and Zed Bias with Chunky..b2b for 2hrs)

2 Chains (Saw him in the states last year and it was so much jokes)

Brandon Marsalis with his full band, seriously good jazz band to watch live.... Smooooth

Maybach with Good Music Records together maybe.. I think out of all Hip Hop they could put on a killer all star show.

Alden Tryell b2b with Skream.. I don’t even no if he DJ's but love his jackin dirty techno and you can’t do a festival without Ollie (Skream)

Tina Turner PA... Come on who wouldn't wanna see her perform Private Dancer or Steamy Window's inbetween Rick Ross and Alden Tryell

DJ EZ b2b Kerri Chandler hosted by Danny Dyer ... Okay okay but come on its a must.

Kelly Rowland PA - just of Motivation

Maybe a quick 45 minute set from Prince joined by the entire Muppet Show just to round things off..



Are there any up and coming producers you tip to make it big time?

Dunno, it could be anyone as the game’s wide open all you have to do is make a good tune and anything can happen which is great



Out of all the tracks you’ve produced, which one ‘never fails’ in the clubs?

Gotta be Source 16. Or for big festivals Lost in Your Love.

Where do you dream of being in 5 years time?      

I really don’t no, hopefully making some fuxed up future shit and directing a film



What’s next for you?

Making some fuxed up future shit and directing a film