One To Watch :: Real Connoisseur 


"a House & Garage crossover" - Real Connoisseur


Conor Lloyd aka Real Connoisseur came to our attention late on in 2012 with his killer track, 'Faux De Baux'. The track blew us and so many others away reaching number 16 in the Beatport Deep House chart and having a special feature on BBC Radio 1. An unforgettable track and a remarkable start for the Oxford based, at the time, 19 year old.

Since then Real Connoisseur's career as a producer has come a long way with an immediate singing onto Ben Pearce's label, 'Purp & Soul', which resulted in the two of them releasing a tasty 4 track EP last year on 'Under The Shade'. Conor's remix was the stand out track and yet again proved to do some real damage in the charts.  

You can always rely on a Real Connoisseur production to be padded out with the sauciest sleekest vocals, we're always lapping them up. I'm sure all Real Connoisseur fans will agree that his precise use of vocals entwined with the chords magnifies the builds ups and breakdowns so expertly. Conor's signature move is with that distinctive echoey bassline that wobbles about. This always makes for an enthralling listen to his tracks as you don't know what's coming, with these uncontrollable bass bumps bouncing around. In Real Connoisseur's latest track, a remix signed to Pete Tong's imprint, FFRR, you will see these traits but with a more menacing feel to it which sends tingles of excitement through our bones as what to expect in his upcoming productions.

Music has always been in Conor's blood with his parents being involved in the industry as you'll read in the Q&A below. We have always felt Real Connoisseur has that special touch about him, we strongly recommend you keep a close eye on his future.

We have the pleasure of delivering you a quality exclusive guest mix from Real Connoisseur. Enjoy...

What were your early musical inspirations?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t involved in music in some way or another. I’ve always been surrounded by it from listening to my Dad DJ to listening to my Mum’s 80s disco obsession when she was cooking dinner… & as soon as I found out you could make music on a computer I was hooked..


How long have you been producing music? 

I first started trying my hand at producing on a copy of Fruity Loops my friend gave me when I was 12… it was the most horrific sounding music you could imagine haha… I then tried out a few other DAWs & discovered Ableton Live, got some monitor speakers & I’ve been annoying my neighbours ever since


How would you describe your music?

At this point in time it’s mainly a House & Garage crossover but I find inspiration from an wide variety of different genres ranging from Jungle/D&B to 80’s Funk to 90s R&B.. I find it very hard to stick to one “Sound” so I tend to make little side projects & secret alias’ for my own entertainment


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, any exciting stuff that you can disclose on the horizon?

I’ve got a remix on Pete Tongs label ‘FFRR’ thats just been released for the ‘Mark Wells - I Love You’ single which has been going down well. I’m currently working on my new single which will hopefully be released in the next few months & I’ve just finished an exciting new remix which I’m not entirely sure I’m allowed to talk about yet! Haha


Where you would like to be in 5 years time?

Hopefully working my way through a busy tour schedule, working on as much music as possible & collaborating with some great Producers & DJs


Your current favourite 5 tracks?

FKJ - Learn To Fly Ft. Jordan Rakei

Aaron - Feelin’ This

Secondcity - More

Harry Wolfman - On Tap Ft. Ella Chi (Yet to be Released)

Golf Clap - On To You