One to Watch: Laurence Guy

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Over the last couple of years Laurence Guy has really made his mark via some phenomenal records on labels such as Church, Cin Cin and Rose Records. Late 2017 saw the release of his debut album Saw You For The First Time, a mellow, ambient, stunning deep house workout and the culmination of everything that had preceded it. In 2018 he wasted no time, releasing another brilliant three track EP ‘All I See Is Her’, on Mule Musiq. And as busy as he is, Laurence took the time out of his packed schedule to talk to us about his latest release, the contents of his record bag and what the rest of 2018 has in store. As well as recording an exclusive live mix, from Electrocorp in Bordeaux- this one is just for you...


Did you grow up surrounded by music? Or was music a later development?

I didn’t grow up surrounded by music per say, but I’ve always been obsessed. I’ve spent the majority of my money and time on music for as long as I can remember really.

Who are you currently listening to at the moment?

Who and whatever I can get my hands on to be honest. Either finding interesting records at the second hand shop or endlessly browsing youtube whilst I should be working. In dance music terms, the latest DJ Slyngshot EP blew my head clean off and I’m also really loving the new DJ Koze record.

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Since you started spinning records what has been your favourite DJ moment?

I’ve had plenty of great moments over the years so I’m reticent to pick just one. A few highlights would be: Boiler Room with the Church crew at Corsica Studios, playing before Avalon Emerson at Printworks last year and playing my favourite records in the sun for a few hours to a funny crowd at Lost Village festival.

How big is your record collection? What do you mostly collect?

Not sure on the actual number, it’s not so crazy though! I probably collect 40% music to DJ (House, Techno, Disco etc) and 60% music to sample (Jazz, Soul, Prog Rock, World, Anything).

What’s your favourite record store to go to?

My favourite’s are a couple in my hometown (Guildford) - Ben’s Records and Collector’s Records Guildford.

Tell us a bit about the mix you recorded for us?

The mix is a live recording from a party in Bordeaux last year. It was an amazing, sweaty party in a small club for the Electrocorp crew. So shout out to them for the hospitality, was a lot of fun.

So you have just released a new record on Mule Musiq, how does this compare and or differ to your other releases?

There was no big idea behind the Mule release, I made the title track straight off the back of a breakup and the others soon after, which is why it’s a bit melancholic. I felt that the tracks made a nice EP and also a snapshot of where I was at the time. For me it’s great to release something personal like this.

What’s next for you? What has 2018 got in store for you?

Plenty of gigs, finishing up another EP that I’m hoping to get out before the end of the year. I’m also heading to Australia for the first time in March, so catch me out there trying not to get burnt if that’s where ya at…


Words: Max