Phil Weeks returns with another album on his own label, Robsoul Recordings (a personal favourite). With more than 15 years of experience in the French house scene with sound productions and consistent releases has made him one of the most well respected & sort after guys on the scene. The album titled “Pimpin Ain’t Easy” is his fourth and has a great balance of slow jams and more dance floor orientated tracks, with collaborations from big guns Mike Dunn & Pevern Everett. ‘My Music’ is the pick of the bunch for me; it’s a signature Phil Weeks slow groover, suitable for both home listening & the dance floor, another solid album from the tasteful Frenchman. bien fait monsieur phil!



GUNDAM bring us a hefty remix of LTHL’s Fix You’. The original is atmospheric and dark with beautiful synth work, (be sure to check it out) though GUNDAM’s reenvision’s the track with a real sense of urgency. The track is available for free download.

Make sure you keep an eye on GUNDAM’s soundcloud, he’s constantly releasing tracks as well as the rest of LTHL’s ‘Aftermath EP’.



Longstanding Spanish duo Pig & Dan decided to run a remix series of their own tracks from some of their favourite producers which have been released on their own imprint Elevate. Part three of the series comes from the Frenchman, Ron Costa.

It’s always exciting tuning into a new release from one of my favourite techno producers who is to name for so many slammers and this one is exactly that! The remix of ‘Universal Love’ is full of menace and thumping groove. It has all the trademark Ron Costa elements that make him a stand out Techno producer, most notably in this release the breakdown, which Ron Costa listeners will know are always layered in suspense.

Released on the 26th October -  go grab it HERE



Yes yes, I know what you’re going to say, this record came out in 2008! But guess what? It’s been repressed by Phil Weeks and the kind people at Robsoul just in case you missed it first time around. 

Dunn samples Loose Joints’ 1980 classic, ‘Is It All Over My Face’ which provides the majority of the bassline goodness. He still manages to make it very Robsoul-ish however, by taking the tempo down and filling thetrack with lovely and lazy claps. Take hint, this is not a track to play to your mum as the male vocal explores the kinkier side of sexually satisfying women… 

Turn over and you get the original mix. Faster and a bit more suited to the dancefloor, this track nevertheless follows in it the same track as the A-side. Mike Dunn blends his ownstyle with that of Robsoul’s which has allowed this record to become a best-seller since it hit the shelves in 2008. Fortunately it’s back onthe shelves now, so get yourself a copy quick!  



Another belter from one one of my favourite groove duos out there, Bicep. They have been making these synth laden ethereal numbers for a while now, but this one really topped them all for me. The simplicity of the recurring vocals and piano chords works brilliantly in building up atmosphere, along side the 80’s synths and hollow bassline that prop up the rest of the track. Bicep rarely disappoint, and in the case of this track it’s been playing regularly on this end throughout the month.