GET TO KNOW: Sean Munnick


How and why did you start to DJ?

I always watched how music videos were mixed on tv back then.. Always like how one beat goes with the previous tracks vocal, and thought I also want to learn how to do that.


Which DJs have influenced your style of producing?

Justin Martin, Jesse Rose, Claude Vonstroke, Nick Hannam


Which 3 DJs do you listen to the most?

Nick Hannam, Justin Martin, Shadow Child


Favourite song of all time?

Alexkid - Love We Had


Dream venue to play at?

I just want to play anywhere in Ibiza lol


Who would you most like to play b2b with?

Definitely Justin Martin


What other genres off the house scene do you listen to?

Hip-Hop and R&B


The best live DJ set you've seen?

Stimming, because it's not a normal DJ set.. He basically does the production in front of you.


What was the first record you bought?

Haha too long ago to remember.. Was probably Justin Martin or Solid Groove / Switch


Taking into account the rapid rise in popularity of house music over the course of this year, what do you think about the house scene currently?

It's really big now, seeing that there are so many sub-genres too. But with that also comes a lot of really bad house, or at least I think its bad haha.


What advice would you give fellow up and coming producers like yourself?

Keep on producing and finish your tracks that you really like.. You never know who might be listening to it someday.


What equipment do you think a DJ should start off with?

Lol anything he can get his hands on to start with, just to get to know the basics.


What software do you use to produce and why?

FL10. I tried out Reason and Ableton, even Cubase, but I keep going back to FL because I started producing on it since 2003.


In an ideal world what label would you like to be with?

Dirtybird. I don't know if it's a valid answer though, lol, seeing that I had a release, but as Munnibrotherz, with Rob Deep.


How do you rate 90s house music with todays?

These days there's more quality. Not saying the music from the 90s isn't good. Just the quality of production has a higher standard now.


What track would you play to rescue a dance floor?

Notorious n P.Diddy - Nasty Girl


Where do you dream of being in 5 years?

I actually wanna be a well known producer, like really well off in the next 5 years.. if that will happen, only time will tell


What next for you?

I'm just taking everything as it comes. I don't have anything big planned for future, even though I am in contact with big people haha.


Upcoming gigs

Nigurr doesn't have any scheduled events as of yet, so you can catch him as the Munnibrotherz with Rob Deep in Cape Town, South Africa. Be sure to keep tabs on Nigurr's upcoming gigs though.