Get To Know: T.Williams


Having just returned from your second successful US tour how was it and how do you think the crowds & club culture differ from the UK?

The crowds differ just by slight musical taste differences. For instance you can always drop a UK garage tune in the UK and most people even if they don't know it will understand the genre. It's not quite so easy to this in the states


When you spoke with RA four years ago you explained how you ‘fell out with Grime’ in 2006. Clearly Grime is raising its head again with help from renowned establishments that have put the spotlight back on the genre to the masses. This has aided the revival and resulted in chart damage while ‘staying true to its roots’, not to mention the stir its been causing in the underground. The scene feels like it’s regaining that spark and energy that was lost 10 years ago, do you feel the production values that you mentioned in 06 have changed and are you feeling the music that’s being heard?

Definitely feel that the production of grime music being made right now is of a higher quality than it was 10 years ago. Also feeling some of the music I'm hearing from that scene to. Labels like Butterz are doing it the right way. 

In your opinion why is it that House as a genre always stays strong and never seems to dip as a scene? Is it merely due to the amount of people making House or something related to the beat.

In my opinion house always stays strong is because it's the beginning of the electronic dance music timeline. Most people who are into a form of electronic dance music will respect the genre even if it's not quite there thing. 


I read recently that you plan to release some music via your newly launched imprint ‘Today Tomorrow Records’ as your original alias Dread.D. Can you tell us why this is and will the sound literally pick up from where it left off or have a new manner that we can look forward to tucking into?

I will be releasing some music under my old alias. But picking up where I left off but also attempting to bring things forward. Should be interesting to see what people think. 


Talking about your label ‘Today Tomorrow Records’, which so far has a two track EP from you to its name. What is the focus for the label and what’s on the horizon in 2015?

The focus for the label is to bring music that has a UK sensibility forward. Bringing producers who represent the UK's dance music timeline to the fullest. On the horizon is the signing of music from 2 acts which are completely fresh. Over the next couple months they'll be various bits dropping and a one of vinyl for Sublow Grime producer JonECash. 


Focusing a bit more on your sets side of things, can you tell us about your first gig as T.Williams and three significant changes that have developed since?

First show as T.Williams was actually a oldskool garage party called 'Days Like This' which took place at Russian bar on kingsland road Dalston. 3 changes that have happened since then are I now use USB keys to hold my music, playing to bigger crowds, I don't get anywhere near as wasted. 


Most memorable gig and out the box gig? 

Symbiosis in SanFrancisco & Hyper Colour gig in Leeds City centre. 


Which DJs have influenced your style and who would you most like to play b2b with?

DJ EZ is probably my biggest influence. Can't think of anyone right now. 


What can we expect from you at the O2 in Oxford on March 7th?

You can expect to hear a mixture of upfront house music blended together with some classic UK styles