One To Watch :: Meramek

Oliver Smith's new alias Meramek releases this massive EP on AnjunaDeep.

This EP features the hot new tracks that we see are being played by DJ's all around at the moment. We certainly can't get enough of it! The London based producer combines a soothing opening with 'Feeling', followed up by the weighty whopper, 'Maybe',  and finally the bouncing 'FWD'. We believe this is a sensational EP and certainly one to watch climb the ranks! Hats off Meramek!

We got in touch with the man himself and as for Meramek's future plans he says, "I am currently working on new material for Anjunadeep, just did a DJ mix for the Hyponik mix series (https://soundcloud.com/hyponik-com/hyp-149-meramek) and am concentrating on building on the strong start that the project has had so far".