Matt Hughes


How and why did you start to DJ?

I have only been DJing around 3 or 4 months. I started because i got back into production a lot more so i wanted to play my music and its a good way to network.


Which DJs have influenced your style of producing?

At the moment I find myself listening to Lorenzo, Scott Diaz, Detroit Swindle and if I'm honest there are that many good producers around at the moment you can find influence from a lot of different producers and also genres. I don't think I have a style none of my music sounds the same or similar.


Which 3 DJs do you listen to the most?

I don't have a certain 3 that I would specifically listen to, but I do like to listen back to the podcasts of 2:31 Rinse show and also Shadow Child and Roska with Jamie George. I also find myself listening to a lot of Boiler Room sets.


Favourite song of all time?

There's too many to choose just one!!


Dream venue to play at?

DC10 seems quite cool!


Who would you most like to play b2b with?

EZ, he's such a sick DJ.


What other genres off the house scene do you listen to?

Every sort of house, I think you can find elements of all types of house that can fit into your music.


The best live DJ set you've seen?

Disclosure at 10:31 birmingham!


What was the first record you bought?

X5 Dubs Nicholes Groove EP.


Taking into account the rapid rise in popularity of house music over the course of this year, what do you think about the house scene currently?

Its amazing, there's no rules, people are trying a lot of different stuff and styles and they go down really well.


What advice would you give fellow up and coming producers like yourself?

Learn to love making music and try not to let it frustrate you. The only way to stand out is by being you and original, so do your own thing and your sound of music is you.


What equipment do you think a DJ should start off with?

A pair of pioneer CDJs, there club standard.


What software do you use to produce and why?

I'm currently a student studying sound engineering and I had to convert to Logic. I used to use Reason which I still love and rate highly, but for me now I have a Mac, so Logic is the way forward, simply because its easy to use and you can do so much with it with plug ins etc.


In an ideal world what label would you like to be with?

Dirtybird are massive and I love the more bass driven stuff so would have to go with them.


How do you rate 90s house music with todays?

I think now more than ever its having a big influence, there's a lot of garage sounding house which is good.


What track would you play to rescue a dance floor?

Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You... Tune grabbed me.


What next for you?

I'm gonna be making a lot more music hopefully, I graduate in May 2014 and hopefully I can start a career in the music industry.


Where do you dream of being in 5 years?

I would like to have a good name for myself with my production and definitely by then have some bigger sets lined up. Hopefully abroad too!!


Upcoming gigs

Matt as of it yet doesn't have any scheduled nights. Watch out in Wolverhampton though!