One To Watch :: Kyle Watson

"Forward thinking house music that stems from the jacking side of house and techno to peak time tech-fuelled beats".

Kyle Watson began his journey in music 13 years ago when his father bought him eJay (Music software) which spurred him on to start making his own. Kyle was brought up around music with his father working in the industry giving him the initial inspiration to make this into a career.

The South African DJ/Producer has been "releasing music commercially for almost 7 years" but things have reached new heights this past year with tasty releases on labels such as Get Physical, Gruuv, Domino Effect Records! One of his most recent works, a remix of Smash TV's 'Noise & Girls' being his widely recieved and our standout favourite! This remix by Kyle fought off strong competitors and won the Beatport 'Noise & Girls' remix competition.

Kyle is now being recognized and supported by some of the most successful producers around such as Shadow Child, Pleasurekraft, Chris Lake, Calvertron, and more. We believe this year will be a big one for Kyle internationally if he keeps jurning out those dancefloor fillers!


We spoke with Kyle and this is what he had to say:

How would you describe your music?

"Nothing to be taken too seriously! I've always focused more on the vibe, it's about the way a track makes you feel. I suppose if it's not fun then why do it, I try to let that come through in the music."


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, what's the next big thing that we can look forward to?

"I've just signed EP's to Sex Panda White and Low Steppa's label Simma Black. Both are quite different from each other but I'm very excited to see them release. All of the tracks have been received really well over the past few weeks when I've been testing them! I've also done a remix of South African-based act, Goldfish that will see the light of day soon too."


Are there any exciting collaborations in the not too distant future?

"I'm working on a collaboration with Tom EQ under the moniker TK, we're just busy with our second bunch of tracks so those should be finished soon."


Where you would like to be in 5 years time?

"In Bora Bora jumping off one of those decks into the crystal clear ocean. But in all honestly I don't see that happening!"


Your current favourite 5 songs?

"A variety on rotation in the car at the moment:"