Top 5 Releases || January


“This is a mass culture we live in. It makes you act like something you really aren’t. It made me so narrow that I couldn’t really do myself justice so I broke away from that whole modern dance thing. I want to be me, I want to be human.”

Doctor Barbara Ann Teer’s words on The Radicle’s opening jam ‘JAS’ may have been lifted from an old Folkways record, but that doesn’t make the sentiment any less prescient. In fact, these words could have been said by Tim himself in reference to the spirit and ideology of The Radicle, only his third ever artist album to date.

The club mix version of ‘Jas’ is the latest edited original from his upcoming album to be released digitally. Previously over the last six months we’ve seen Dub, Club and even a DnB ‘Speed Remix’ of his originals ‘Feelings’, ‘Tryin’ Find A Way’ & ‘Jas’ all of which express Tim’s versatility as a producer. The club mix of ‘Jas’, like all the other edits to have been released thus far, flows with a groovy nature cultivated by the organic approach to this album, and hence the originals of these edits, to ‘return to the source of using real instruments and instrumentation, a reaction against the electronic world, no synthesizers or electronics used’. An album that has been five years in the making, a true musical masterpiece; for now enjoy this suitably silky edit of ‘Jas’ and go grab the album as a CD now via Defected or wait a couple of weeks until it’s full digital release.

Chosen by Ben C


More tech house swag from one of my favourite producers out there, Ron Costa. Unknown to many, despite producing an array of dance floor favourites year in year out, this release personifies why we love him so. 'Shake That', is embedded with his typically chunky drum programming and a signature RC baseline, both lustrous and subtle. In the end they make you want to do just what the track title suggests.

Chosen by Chris


aFTER THE GREAT RELEASE OF "I WANT TO BELIEVE" ON 1080P last year Project Pablo is back and has teamed up with Vancouver's Alexander Belkin, AKA Wolfey, to release a three track ep on Camberwellbased label Church. the stand out track on this EP in my opinion is Whatitis. This melodic number contains great depth in its percussion; a highly memorable kick drum interlocked with some well-chosen chords which gently ride over the top. A distorted brass element, gives this track a Jazzy tinge, and beautifully repetitive vocal samples, makie it difficult to stop your head from nodding to this one.

The scond number on the EP 'Duatang' follows the same formula, with some well chosen repetitive vocals running throughout however it is a much more house-orientated record.

The third track Jarvis Pump Station is an 8 miunute affair. With its big acidic build this one is for the late hours, and probably the one. which will tale the listener a while to fully digest.

In summary I recommend you bag yourself a copy while it's still in stock.



Chosen by Ed


In with a late entry this month is kobosil's debut lp on ostgut ton, 'we grow, you deline'. i was set on writing on a soulful number from outplay records until i heard this mesmerizing album for the first time last week. these songs are records i would call 'anxously excited' tracks. each great song feels as though it is leading to an even greater thing, and in a way i believe that is the reflection of kobosil himself at the moment. he is a resident at the fabled berghain, is regularly booked three times a weekend making him one of the most in demand djs Around the world and yet resident advisor just wrote a 'breaking through' piece on him. that's what getting in with the ostgut ton family does!

This album secures his position at the pinnacle of an interesting techno scene at the moment. though focusing mainly on non club sounds, placed well i believe each one could make a strong impact on techno sets. 'to see land' with its metallic rattles, haunting vocals and multiple layers, steadily builds an atmosphere worthy for any techno warm up act. the final track 'they looked on' would perform as a rest bite before turning up the pace again mixing it towards the end and 'the living ritual', well that's just pure moody techno. as an album it works, stringing togeher a narrative from beginning, middle to end and you are left mouth ajar. a breathtaking debut from a hugely talented artists.

Chosen by Ben S


Four Tet returns to Text alongside Designer with a new killer cut of organic, scattered, percussive house. This is definitely one for the five o'clock dancers. Like all good electronic music, it's layered and layered with so many different textures, and thus the track feels extremely warm and comforting. Flip it over for a completely different style with another old friend of Four Tet's, Champion.








Chosen by Matt