One To Watch :: Hackman


"Melody driven, house based electronic music, with elements of RnB, Disco, and Garage" - Hackman

Hackman, originally from Hampshire and now based in London, has really shaken us up over the last year with some dazzling and addictive productions. Hackman has been around the house with his own production style, shifting from Dubstep to house based records. This has been a trending pathway for many producers in the UK over the last couple of years, but Hackman stands out to us with his beautifully arranged tracks demonstrating his natural style, full of groove and soul. He is a master with his sleek chords, which always seem to tickle our soft spot and of course the vocals speak for themselves. Hackman is the man when it comes down to vocals, he arranges them neatly in harmony with his sound and his selection of voice is so on point, with a catalogue of moving vocals in so many of his tracks; our picks being ‘Change My Life’ and ‘Close’. He also compliments the atmospheric warmth of his tracks with his groomed use of drum breaks, adding expertly to the sentiment of his works.

With Hackman’s much talked about debut album entitled, ‘As Above, So Below’ coming soon, we feel it’s sure to do some real damage all around with his matured style being ever so impressive. The man, unsurprisingly, has had support from all angles ‘from Nick Grimshaw to Mary Anne Hobbs to Skream’ and this has only just begun for the young producer who clearly has a real ear.

We have the pleasure of offering up a real gem of a mix that Hackman has very kindly done for us. Enjoy this one

We had a chitchat with the man himself:


Early inspirations that got you into music?

I think the only real early musical inspirations came from my family. Growing up, there would always be lots of soulful music playing round the house. My parents have great taste in music so I like to think that might have rubbed off on me a bit.


Musical influences?

Too many to list! It’s the obvious answer but literally anything musical I’ve ever heard has been influential.

How long have you been producing music?

I started producing music when I was about 17, although probably didn’t start to take it seriously until I was 19.

How would you describe your sound?

Melody driven, house based electronic music, with elements of RnB, Disco, and Garage.


How have Futureboogie affected your career and how did the link up come about?

It’s been great working with Futureboogie. Obviously they’re the most House based label I’ve released on, so it’s been brilliant in exposing my music to a different crowd that I might not have been reaching before. I’ve also gotten to play some amazing gigs as a result! The link up came about when I sent a few tracks to Arkist, and he sent them to Dave from Futureboogie, who signed one of my original tracks straight away, as well as one of the Bruh Jackman tracks. I still owe Arkist a pint for that!

Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming upcoming album?

The album is coming together nicely. It’s going to feature several vocalists, of which there are just have a couple left to record. Before the album comes out there will be a little 12” prequel, which will feature an original track with a vocalist I’m really excited about but can’t disclose yet! There will be a few remixes on the 12” as well.


What’s the number one thing you'd like to be able to cross off your musical bucket list?

I think right now my only real aim is to gradually get into a position where I can live off production full time, because as much as I enjoy doing some of the gigs I do, I definitely prefer being in the studio.


Your current favourite 5 tracks?