Ones To Watch :: Felon


"Summery house with a dark saucy edge" - Felon

Felon are the new kids on the block to watch out for! They've caused a real stir with their three originals collectively receiving over half a million plays on SoundCloud, with one recently smashing the million mark on YouTube! Their on point consistency to produce tracks that will please so many; feel good anthems featuring silky vocals and uplifting sounds entwined expertly with that beefy undertow that so many crave, its no surprise they have so many views!

Felon consists of three London based producers who came together a year ago to form the alias. 2/3's of Felon got together with 1/3 of Felon, (Alphabet Pony at the time) to originally make a collaboration, "we worked really well together and decided to start something fresh" - the rest is history! . Their polished productions take you on a journey that is filled with melodic tranquility, reminding you of your fondest summer memory accompanied by a deep, cheeky wobble, that triggers fist pumping madness!

YoungOnes favourites 'Colour' and 'Isla' both trend similar themes of sounding like a completed track after the first drop, before the deceiving second comes in carrying some serious weight to it rounding off a track that ticks so many boxes. We believe Felon have got a real distinctive style here that is going to go far, and will continue to jurn out mind boggling productions widely received by the masses.


Felon have kindly done an exclusive mix for us featuring their originals including a few exclusives:

We got in touch:


How do you know each other and how did Felon come to life?

James - "I met and started working with George about two and half years ago. I met Archie through playing at his events in Oxford. We all then came together about a year ago to form the alias Felon."


How long have you been producing music?

George - "I started out as a studio engineer, working in-house at Olympic Studios and Abbey Road alongside Producers such as Youth, Steven Street and Mark "Spike" Stent, before making the move to production about 6 years ago."

Archie - "I originally started producing about 5 years ago under the alias Alphabet Pony, mainly Drum & Bass..."

James - "I started playing around with different production software after I graduated from uni back in 2011, so around 4 years. I've been though about 4 aliases to get here ha! And tried all of the major software. In the end I stuck with Logic."


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, what's the next big thing that we can look forward to?

"There's a massive amount going on right now, however we cant talk about any of it ATM. But its seriously exciting :)"


Where you would like to be in 5 years time?

"On the moon."


Your current favourite 5?