One To Watch :: Donkie Punch


Donkie Punch aka Will Smith has had some experience up in the big leagues, with releases on the prestigious Ministry Of Sound resulting in him being up on the stage with the likes of of EZ and the Artful Dodger. Donkie Punch is the new alias that Will has been behind since 2012. The bass driven sound entwined with the (quite often) silky smooth vocals have the end product of a really tasty production. We feel Donkie Punch stands out from the other 'bass heavy' house producers because he has that feel good factor in mind that will always be popular with listeners. Look at the likes of Gorgon City reaching the heights they have recently backs up the widespread love in the UK for a nice bassline accompanied with uplifting vocals. The flowing rhythm, the tidy consistency and the innovative bumpy basslines are what we are happily getting used to hearing from this man.

Donkie Punch has had a much more continual run of releases over the last couple of months that have shone the light on him, most recently the hefty two track EP on Low Steppa's label, 'Simma Black'! You will notice Donkie Punch tends to lean towards doing collaborations with other underground UK bass house producers for the obvious reason of 'bouncing off each others ideas'. On countless occasions this has resulted in some heart stopping music that does have that overwhelming sound created by two minds. He has a long list of collaboration names but the most noticeable one being the underground production genius, Chris Lorenzo who is continually producing with Hannah Wants! You can hear Donkie Punch play at some of Birmingham's largest club brands such as 02.31 & Rocknrolla where he holds residencies! For now we have a cheeky 30 minute mix from the big man himself for you all to feast on:

Donkie Punch talking exclusively to YoungOnes:


How long have you been producing music?

Producing and DJ'n for 10 years, producing under latest alias Donkie Punch last 18 months


How would you describe your music?

Describe my style of music as bass driven house music with a slight influence of hiphop as i grew up listening to a lot of hiphop, eg, NWA, Tribe called Quest.


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, what's the next big thing that we can look forward to?

I have a new E.P coming out next month on Simma Black with tracks - Harlem & Dug Out.


Whats next for you in the near future?

Next for me.. DJ'n in Brazil end of Feb, Production wise, there's a few colabs on the cards with some producers I haven't worked with before and also with Bumby Fool, Chris Lorenzo who I colab with a lot,  iv also got another project i will be stating but don't want to give to much away on that.


In 5 years?



Donkie Punch's current fav 5: