One To Watch :: DeMarzo


DeMarzo was musically influenced at an early age through a father’s ‘life long affair’ with Soul and Motown records. The Leeds born and bred DJ/Producer’s first mouthful of musical creativity came when he was placed in the Yamaha Keyboard School at the tender age of 8. He continued on his musical education studying music technology at college where he was and still is inspired by all types of genres.

DeMarzo can boast releases on an array of highly respected labels, Hot Creations, Noir and Resonance Records to name a few. His music speaks for itself with its artistry shining through. DeMarzo’s ear catching overwhelming sounds are always stacked full of muscle, and wobble which he then crafts together expertly resulting in continual body shaking floor fillers.

DeMarzo has certainly changed his styles along the way; by the looks and sounds of things he's an honest producer who simply makes what he’s feeling, whatever it may be. In the last two years he has swerved around and about dabbling with a Disco House and Deep House feel to his records. More recently the Techy side of House, which we are enjoying like many others and feel it is the area (so far) that DeMarzo’s sound really is flourishing in and is even more distinctive in. We really like his experimental and open minded approach to his music and we feel with the ever-growing Tech House scene that DeMarzo is shredding up in the underground currently, it’s a matter of minutes until he is at the forefront of the scene.

 We caught up with DeMarzo:


What/who were your early inspirations that got you into music?

A band called Return To Forever. Experimental jazz funk fusion and it blew my mind. They were purely instrumental, incorporated funk and jazz improvisations and they made full use of syncopation in their rhythms, which I've always been interested in.

How long have you been producing music?

Around 13 years now. I started off in bands recording live sessions, studying music tech and then moved onto playing around with electronic music. The beauty of electronic music and the DAWS you can use really allows production without limits. I have a catalogue of unreleased music I'm holding for the right time and right label to release.

How would you describe the DeMarzo sound?

Currently – I’m making something more underground. I can't even predict how I’ll feel about a certain style in the future so who knows what my next productions might be like. I just try to keep it grooving for the club. I have a couple of more mainstream tracks finished, which i made with a great vocalist. I should be announcing this soon. People have described it as 'rare-groove'.

In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, what's the next big thing that we can look forward to?

My next releases are on Materialism and Sincopat. Materialism is 3 original tracks and the Sincopat EP is 2 originals with 2 remixes from Ramiro Lopez and Walker & Royce. June and July.
Not to name names but I often find it a long process sending out tracks for labels because the response I tend to get is 'its brilliant and I'll play it this weekend but its not right for our label just yet'. Then 2 months down the line they email asking why I didn't send it to them!! I think some labels need to think outside of the box more often and take a chance on tracks that seem different.

Whats next for you in the near future?

Well i should be moving from Leeds to London in the next month or so which I'm excited about. Talks of collabs with DJs and some ghost producing is why I need to be down south. Not to mention most of my gigs are here too. The tracks with the singer I mentioned about is something I'm excited about; its totally different from my other music so I cant wait to hear people reactions.

Where you would like to be in 5 years time?

I want to broaden my horizons with production, work with more artists across different genres. A residency in Ibiza wouldn't go a miss ;). I was asked to resident this summer in Ibiza but that fell through due to a miss communication!

Your current favourite 5 tracks?

 Check the mix ;), few that I'm really liking at the moment!