One To Watch :: Cera Alba


Pushing the lines of tougher house and techno' – Cera Alba

Cera Alba is to name for some real gems that we’ve dug our teeth into over the course of this year continually being knocked for six by his inventive productions and obvious skill in the studio. Cera has had releases on notable labels such as Hot Creations, VIVa Music, Resonance Records and also some of our favourite underground labels like Gruuv and ALiVE picking up the maestro.

Cera first came to our attention with bright flashing lights when we had the pleasure of listening to his masterpiece with usual collaborator Jonny Cade; track entitled ‘With You’. From start to finish the track takes you on an upward journey that flows so smoothly accompanied beautifully with the seductive vocals. Cera’s productions often trend a menacing theme, layered in funky and intriguing chords keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. The signature deep dark undertone adds expertly to the moodiness of his sound making him that extra bit special for listeners. He never seems to disappoint with the groovy feel some of his tracks have that ring echoes of the Chicago and Detroit style sound, and not to mention the on point selection and use of vocals which adds to the illusive atmosphere his tracks often have. Cera is diverse with his productions and he has ticked so many boxes with his productions showing off all types flavours. Keep your eyes peeled, he’s got a whole load more of these ear-catching sounds


We caught up with Cera Alba:

Early inspirations that got you into music?

I have always had music in my life, when I was very young my dad used to recite Beethoven's symphonies on the upright piano we had in the  front room of our small house in Newcastle. I was initially inspired by commercial dance, I remember buying cassettes from artists like 'The Shaman' and 'K.W.S'. I really found what I was looking for and when you're young I think you're taste hasn't had time to mature yet. When I was 16 I decided to learn to play the drums which I think gave me a good understanding of rhythm, although I still found writing music difficult at that point. 


How long have you been producing music?

I first started producing around 7 years ago, I began by just making simple edits of tracks and adding some extra vocals or build up parts. After that I started to use Ableton to create simple drums loops when I was living in Ibiza. When I was at uni I started to write the soundtracks to our animation projects as well as editing the video clips. After I finished uni I studied a Logic beginners course at Leeds College of Music. Since then I have been teaching myself production by studying online and through friends.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound has developed over the past few years. I would say I am pushing the lines of tougher tech house and techno. The labels I am pushing towards are VIVa, Moon Harbour, 8-Bit, Cecille and Ovum. I really like the more European style of house, inspired by the Ibiza club scene. 


In terms of label releases and upcoming tracks, any exciting stuff that you can disclose on the horizon?

My next EP is a 4 track release on Steve Lawlers VIVa Music, I'm really excited to be involved with Steve as he a legend in the house scene with over 20 years experience. I'm also really excited about a release I have with Matthias Tanzmann's label Moon Harbour, hopefully this is getting confirmed this week. I also have EP's with Made Fresh Daily and Abstract Culture.

 Whats the number one thing you'd like to be able to cross off your musical bucket list?

I think playing DC10 would be amazing, I also would love to play at Fabric. I think other than that some of the festivals like Glastonbury, Timewarp and Unknown. Labels it would be a dream to release with Desolat or Minus

 Your current favourite 5 tracks?