PREMIERE: Copenema - Te Faz Bem (Kenneth Bager Coma Club Mix) [Music For Dreams]

Copenema is the latest incarnation of Music For Dreams' label boss Kenneth Bager in collaboration with friends, Rodrigo Sha, Troels Hammer & Thomas Schultz.

Copenema is a collaboration between Denmark and Brazil – Copenhagen vs Ipanema = Copenema. The album was partly recorded in Rio De Janeiro in the living room of Rodrigo Sha and in Copenhagen at Volmers studio.

Following the release of original, 'Te Faz Bem', Bager has created an extended, sun-kissed, dance floor focused version.

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PREMIERE: DJ Koyote - France 'n' Trance [Supergenius Records]

DJ Koyote has long been a dab hand at discerning house music. Thankfully, his latest offers more of the same. Seeing the light of day on his own Supergenius Records imprint, ‘France ’n’ Trance’ sees the French producer perk up with no less than five original cuts, each of which boasts its own inimitable charm.

Premiering on YO and opening up the release is the sounds of the title track . A melancholy effort full of warm, hazy vibes, its skipping, playful ethos is characterised by its twinkling, charming melodies. A smile-inducing track that’s sure to prompt delirium on the ‘floor, it gets us underway with some distinction.

Label Heat: Timedance

Timedance is 2 years and 12 releases old, and is perched on the precipice of blowing up. The Bristol based label is headed up by Dj and Producer Batu, whose exceptional talent and keen ear for genius have seen the label accumulate an excellent set of producers and host label nights with Objekt, Pearson Sound, Ben UFO, and Skee Mask at the Pickle Factory, Corsica Studios and OHM Berlin.

The influence of Bristol’s music scene can be clearly heard in Timedance’s truly original sound, which could be described as a hybrid between industrial techno and dubstep. Listening back through their discography is a love letter to bass music. From the deep, tribal sounds of Ploy’s ‘Ironlungs’ through Bruce’s startlingly frenetic ‘I’m Alright Mate / Post Rave Wrestle’, to Batu’s minimal and ethereal ‘Murmur’, the label has built a staggeringly strong and varied catalogue of music in such a short space of time. It is comfortably carving out its own space within UK techno and bass music, and would be well within its depth conquering the hedonistic European club and festival scene.

Timedance’s dark and mechanical sound is not for the faint hearted. Dip your toe into ‘Remixes-1’ and ‘Remixes-2’, releases from earlier this year, which invited some of the label’s favourite artists to remix previous Timedance tracks. If this takes your fancy, then allow yourself to tumble into the Timedance rabbit hole- you will not be disappointed.


Words by Dora T

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Nackt - Private Property Created Crime [Left Hand Path]

It’s now a year on from the fire at the Ghost Ship warehouse, a DIY art space in Oakland, California. The hear-breaking incident occurred during a DIY night put on by local label, 100% Silk. The disastrous event not only left the whole artistic community in mourning with the deaths of thirty-six artists, but also brought to light the desperate and now unavoidable issue of maintaining safe artistic spaces. Oakland is suffering from a housing crisis and without government attention, the lack of artistic spaces forces the creative community to cut corners and settle for totally unsafe project spaces and living quarters. With no project spaces, where can the city’s creative energy flourish? 

It’s been incredibly hard for the Bay Area arts scene to swallow such an enormous loss to their community, especially losing artists who were just embarking on what were set to be incredibly promising careers – one of whom was Johnny Igaz (Nackt), who was DJ-ing that night. Paying due respect, San Francisco based label, Left Hand Path posthumously releases Igaz’s ‘Private Property Created Crime’. Every track on the EP has its own distinct vibrancy and together they display the wonderful range of emotion Igaz was posed to express. Take this EP both as a memorial and a celebration of the incredibly talented producer’s short-lived career. 

On the A-side, ‘Blight Town’ is a haunting acid track with shady dance floor energy. Thudding kicks are melded with eerie arpeggiated keys and acidic dissonance. 

The second track, ‘Septic Acid’ is proper chug. Swampy, slow motion acid that’s tinged with body music sensation. It starts out gritty and sexy, but melodic keys and celestial organs turn this into an awesomely touching groove. 

On the flip, the EP becomes more euphoric with the much applauded, ‘Let's Go Shopping’.  Built around whirling tribal percussions and a jacking kick, the track is wholey uplifting. More arpeggiated synths and a sensational bass line make it super tingling, playful disco. Finally, Michael Claus’s remix of ‘Balboa Park’ is definitely the deepest track. Yet it’s still got bouncy loose rhythm, overlaid with more melodic keys and quirky bleeps.

Keep an eye out next February for 100% Silk’s release, Silk to Dry The Tears, a compilation dedicated to all those who lost their lives in the incident and those effected, which contains more of Nackt’s unreleased work. 


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Words by Fred D

PREMIERE: Peter Croce - Made In China [Razor-N-Tape]

Peter Croce has been making some noise lately with his Rocksteady Disco party and record label, and here he brings his burgeoning rework sensibilities to Razor-N-Tape with a varied pack of revisions straight from Detroit!

On the ecstatic uptempo face-melting tip, we have 'Spirit Dance' and 'Get Up And Boogie', either of which are sure to burn down any disco. Then there’s the hard-working, grown-ass groove of 'Proletariat Blues', and 'Made In China', a beautiful slow-burner for those early evening spins or late-night comedowns.

Listen to the full release

Label Heat: Full Pupp

Scandi synth-wave, Norwegian fruit pop or Lapland laser disco. Prins Thomas’ baby has become a go to for many crate diggers seeking surprises. Whilst there is a variety of different sounds that come from the snowy Scandinavian peak, Full Pupp has managed to carve out a niche over the past 12 years as the go to place for spacey disco. With Prins Thomas manning the wheel it has meant the rest of the label has kept treading this distinct musical path. As a label, it embodies this Norwegian disco, inspired by 1970’s New York, which is very hard to pin down - but it is expressed through terms like psychedelia, krautrock and cosmic. Obviously, this is quite a large umbrella they have opened but the sound they really work towards has this kind of thinking in mind.

After 50 releases, already it has been another big year for Full Pupp. With Magnus International ‘Synths of Jupiter’, Pandreas ‘Back to School’ and Laars ‘None’. Even today Prins Thomas released his fifth album - which is testament to the passion that goes into the productions up North. All releases are great in that they are almost their own takes on what the Full Pupp sound is, yet it still is maintained within the original parameters set up by Prins Thomas. A melee of bpm’s, sounds and filters, but the music is still original. There’s more to look forward to in early January with ‘Auto Remixes 1 & 2’ from Chmmr. 

At its core, Full Pupp is a group of really talented, passionate, local artists. Throughout its time there have been artists like Prins Thomas and Magnus International churning out some exquisite EP’s over the years. But it has also become a place to nurture new home-grown talent with the likes of Laars and Andre Bratten. This is what gives Full Pupp a really distinctive feel, by keeping it local they are almost flying the flag of originality from their region. For me it almost feels like a continuation of the group of teenagers from Tromsø in the North of the country. The place is famous for being the birth of Norwegian disco started by artists like Bjørn Torsk, Mental Overdrive and the legendary Erot. This meteoric rise from Tromsø has been captured by Ben Davies’ (Paper Recordings) recent documentary, Northern Disco Lights. And I may be wrong but I feel like Full Pupp has been born out of this movement and could be a representation of what the movement that began in Tromsø would look like today.

It’s also quite pleasant to think that these out-of-space sounds are coming from some of the most Northern societies in the world - almost looking down on the rest of us, almost in contact with space. Or it may be the physical environment of the Arctic landscape that makes their music almost other-worldly. Either way they have had a great year and I hope will have many more.


Words by Jack A

PREMIERE: Bosconi Soundsystem - Eclipsed [Bosconi]

Months after their debut release, Bosconi Soundsystem is back with another killer package. The Italian production trio, consisting of Rufus, Mass Prod and Bosconi boss Fabio Della Torre, perk up here with 'Unrequested States of Bliss', a 2 x 12" offering that's packed from start to finish with dancefloor-ready cuts. The title reflects the contents of the album: psychedelic and minimal techno and electro music on a deep and dark tip. Introducing track 2 of the EP, 'Eclipsed'.

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Fouk - Butterfunk EP [Outplay]

Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman are credited producers and DJs in their own right. Childhood friends, the Dutchmen decided to join forces to make the delightful combination of Fouk. This came after years of spending time in the studio together since the age of 15, as well as their shared appreciation and deep commitment to funk music, old and new.

Signed to Heist Recordings in 2015 after their recognition from Detroit Swindle, the duo have affirmed themselves on the scene with tracks that gained rapid popularity; ‘Kill Frenzy’, ‘Gruff’ and ‘Heavy On The Bacon’ to name a few. They have released their music through a variety of labels such as Room With A View, Heist, Razor-N-Tape, as well as their very own, Outplay, which has sponsored their most recent release, ‘Butterfunk’ EP. I would imagine that this record was coined at Han’s parents summer house on the Dutch coast where they have set up a pop-up studio and claim to be their most creative.

The 'Butterfunk' EP is brilliant, and has something for everyone. It’s a four-track EP loaded with contagious dance floor funk. For a change they have strayed away from their usual style of heavy sampling and focussed more on original instrumentation and production. The stand out track for me is the opener ‘Organ Freeman’, which is just pure feel good. As a closing track ‘Winter’ winds the whole production down in a very calming manner. All in all, definitely worth picking this record up as it possesses both tracks for the dance floor and the bedroom.


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Words by Alex M

PREMIERE: Elon & David Scuba - Last Call [ReSolute]

NYC label ReSolute has long been renowned for classy house and techno fare. They repeat the trick on their latest, as label head Elon draws on a veritable array of top-drawer talent for the label’s 10th release, 'The Nest' EP. Titled in homage to the Brooklyn-based studio where each track was produced, the EP is a collaborative project that showcases vintage gear such as the TR-808, 909, Prophet 6, TB-303 and SH-101 to name but a few. It also features a suitably diverse cast, with KiNK, mass_prod, ADNY (Alexi Delano) and David Scuba among those who Elon collaborates with.

Premiering on YO is the digi-only tip, Elon hooks up with Mr C collaborator, David Scuba. ‘Last Call’ sees the pair delve to deep, techy pastures, with the end result proving a fitting track with which to sign off a release that’s impressive throughout.



WHERE TO GO: Trouble Vision x Hivern Discs with John Talabot, Dorisburg, Solar, Andy Blake & More

This Saturday, Corsica Studios opens its doors for Hivern Discs for the 5th year in a row as part of its Trouble Vision series. John Talabot will be heading up the bill of his own Barcelonian label party. Talabot is known for his atmospheric disco and house tracks, and his production is hailed as thoughtful and complex. Excitingly, Dorisburg, another Hivern Discs signee, will also be playing a live set. This Swedish producer, previously one half of Genius of Time, branched out solo a few years ago, and produces incredibly ethereal and raw minimal techno that complements Hivern Discs’ sound. Solar, Andy Blake, Khidja and Daniel Baughman complete the fantastic line-up. Get yourself down to the shadowy maze of Corsica for a 7 hour winter party this Saturday, it will be golden.

Notably, Trouble Vision and Corsica Studios have teamed up with Watch The Hype and Alpine Hearing Protection as part of their #AllEars campaign to offer discounted ear protection for the evening, get involved.



Words by Dora T

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Chevals - Please Don't [HOMAGE]

HOMAGE hail from Brooklyn, New York whose main cause are about furthering real rave sounds and culture. Profound stuff, and after a great first release by Tech Support they are back with a bang with Chevals ‘Labour of Love’ EP. Taking you back to your deep house days Cheval’s ‘Labour of Love’ is a leg shaker party maker. A great little EP with the highlight being the Flute infused, ‘Please Don’t’.

The young, French and aptly named Chevals is just beginning to get a foothold on the Parisian scene. Next month is set to emulate this momentum with a new release coming out on Better Listen and a booking alongside Folamour. Looking forward to more stuff like ‘Please Don’t’ from the Frenchman. Allez les Blues.


Listen to the full release

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Words by Jack A

Old 'n' Gold: Arthur Russell- Calling Out Of Context [Audika]

You have to look pretty hard to find Arthur Russell, a premature death in relative obscurity and only a single album released in his lifetime means he remains fairly elusive. Yet for a character of such ‘elusivity’ he has had one hell of an impact. A recent(ish) documentary, biographies and several posthumously released albums show the peaks and troughs of interest in Russell.

More importantly, it has been the cult-like following and repeated resurgences of Loose Joints’ (of which Russell was a founder) infectious disco oddity ‘Is It All Over My Face?' that has been the cornerstone of his influence. An influence more recently reinforced by Midland closing an 8-hour set at Panorama Bar with Russell’s ‘That’s Us/ Wild Combination’, Ben UFO choosing ‘In the Light of the Miracle’ to finish Meredith Festival, a track also played by Antal in his Dekmantel Boiler Room, as well as Motor City Drum Ensemble championing Loose Joints records in his Boiler Rooms and DJ-Kicks.

It seems Russell is the man that some of the most eclectic and interesting current DJ/Producers turn to at the key moments. Certainly, his haunting vocals are the perfect end to the emotional journey of an extended set, while his experimental use of rhythm, beats and BPM mean many of his productions are at home in a mix at times when most disco tracks wouldn’t. Ultimately Russell was a pioneer, he championed the cello progressively and successfully ignored most of the rules of disco, and music production as a whole. Indeed, it’s this attitude to music that makes him so important and as Russell’s approach is shared by popular, forward thinking artists like Midland, Ben UFO, Antal and MCDE the connections of influence are easily made.

‘Calling Out Of Context’ serves as a good introduction, released in 2004 but recorded between 1973 and 1992 it is perhaps the easiest listening of his back catalogue. And if nothing else, the compilation is home to the un-unlikeable ‘That’s Us/Wild Combination’- timeless and hopeful, the track is the perfect optimistic close to otherwise dark looking late nights and early mornings.

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Words by Hugo B

WHERE TO GO: Kornél Kovács & Pional at Phonox


Since opening its doors in 2011, Phonox has carved out a scene from London’s busy clubbing landscape. With a pretty simple ethos of serving up some world-class DJs in a really friendly environment. They tie it up quite well by not allowing photos and with their all-night long Saturday nights you get to listen to some tip-top music. Great club basically, I love it in there.

This Saturday Kornél Kovács & Pional are taking hold of the reins. Kornél Kovács has been making a lot of noise on the scene, notably with his killer Boiler Room earlier this year. Back in his native Stockholm he manages the Studio Barnhaus label with best mates Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist, which is doing really well having charted over fifty releases. Blending Kovács house/disco is Spanish big boy Pional. A real musical talent whose work spans across production, songwriting and a multitude of instruments. With various releases across Hivern Discs and Permanent Vacation, it will be a real treat to watch him team up with Kovács. A great booking from Phonox.


Words by Jack A

RECORD OF THE WEEK: Khruangbin - Maria También [Late Night Tales]

The mysterious and highly respected, Khruangbin are a band lead by Laura Lee (Bass), Mark Speer (Guitar) and DJ (drums).  All three members derive from Space City in Houston. However, the band was formed in a small town called Burton, west of Houston, with a population of just three-hundred! In an interview with Ransom Note they divulge the meaning behind calling themselves Khruangbin. Khuruangbin is commonly known as an airplane but the literal translation from Thai to English is “engine fly”.  The motive for the name is their way of paying respects to Thai rock/funk culture, which inspired the band’s production.  Laura goes on to explain that airplane is a representation of the multitude of cultures that shape their sound. 

Their first LP in 2015, The Universe Smiles Upon You, was inspired by 60s/70s Thai cassettes alongside their unique soul, psychedelic trademark sound. Their new material is again enthused by South-East Asia, but they are introducing elements of funk and soul from parts of the Mediterranean but with a primary focus on sounds from Iran. Ahead of this highly anticipated record, the Texas trio have released, ‘Maria También’. The new track is as an amuse bouche ahead of the upcoming second album, Con Todo El Mundo which will be on the shelves from January next year. This track comes with a video about the lives of woman before the revolution in 1979 and features many artists who have been silenced and suppressed since the revolution happened. 

Soon after the release of the second album expect to be seeing and hearing a lot more from this fascinating collective. They are due to be touring the UK from February, with shows in London, Brighton, Bristol, Glasgow and Manchester. 


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Words by Max J